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Beard Transplants

A beard transplant can fill in bald patches and help to create either a full beard or a perfectly sculpted goatee.

Nearly 50% of men struggle with facial hair loss. This prevents them from being able to grow a full beard or a moustache and often manifests as patches of hair loss across the face.

With a beard transplant, our surgeons extract healthy hair follicles from your donor area and implant it on the balding spots on your face, to help create the look you want.

Beard Transplants FAQ

A beard transplant is performed in the same way as a hair transplant

Most patients opt for the FUE method as this allows the surgeon to individually select the grafts most suited to facial tissue. The grafts are then separated into single hair units and prepared for implantation. These can be placed into the chin, face or eyebrows in a single session

Genetics, burns, scarring or skin trauma, radiation treatment, systematic illnesses, past surgeries, trichotillomania or simply natural hair loss.

Beard transplant results are permanent.

Yes, after the beard transplant you can continue shaving as usual. The donor hair (from the scalp) reacts the same to shaving as facial hair.

Our Beard Transplant In The Sun

Beard Transplants Surgery Group
Beard Transplants Surgery Group

The Sun newspaper joined us behind the scenes of a beard transplant in Sheffield with Dr. Hassan Nurein.

Dr. Nurein performed the beard transplant surgery and we discussed the most common questions that our patients have, especially the topic of shaving after a beard transplant.


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