7 Best Ways to Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

7 Safe and Natural Ways to Reverse Hair Loss at Home

Suffering from hair fall? Fortunately, you can control it using these safe and natural tips that are tried and tested to address hair fall problems in men and women. If you’re living in Esbjerg, you’ve probably suffered hair damage at some point due to the hard water. Plus, the cold weather can also be hard […]

Hair Loss Prevention Treatments

Hair Loss Prevention Treatments

Everything You Need To Know There are hundreds of hair loss prevention treatments on the market, but very few of them prove to be effective. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable, proven treatment, it’s best to seek advice from an independent hair loss specialist like Surgery Group.  Here, you’ll discover everything you need to […]

What is a Mature Hairline

What is a Mature Hairline by Dr. Manish Mittal

Dr. Manish Mittal’s quick guide to the importance of designing a natural hairline for hair restoration. Have you looked at someone’s face and instantly known whether someone is attractive or not. It takes less than one second. This is because our brain scans the face for desirable features and proportions. Leonardo Da Vinci described proportions […]

Gynecomastia Recovery – What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Gynecomastia Recovery – What’s Normal and What’s Not

Undergoing surgery to correct gynecomastia can be worrying so it helps to know what is involved during recovery. To put your mind at rest we will discuss what you should expect when recovering from gynecomastia. Post-surgical Recovery It is normal to expect a recovery time of 4-6 weeks following surgery during which you will need […]

Happy Halloween Hair

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Hair copy

🎃 Pumpkin Hair Benefits 🎃 Your hair follicles require a constant supply of nutrients for optimal growth and health. Pumpkins are a rich source of nutrients and are in season from now until December. Why not make the most of their benefits whilst they are readily available. Pumpkins Promote Hair Growth Pumpkin is a rich […]

Here Today, Hair Tomorrow

Ben Reeves Here Today, Hair Tomorrow

Plymouth Argyle, Charlton Athletic, Milton Keynes Dons and Northern Ireland international professional footballer Ben Reeves underwent a successful hair replacement procedure in 2019 with the Surgery Group. The treatment, costing £5,000, was undertaken at the practice’s Harley Street facility under the direction of Surgeon Dr. Hassan Nurein, an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is a respected […]

The Biggest Myths About Hereditary Hair Loss

The Biggest Myths About Hereditary Hair Loss

No, it doesn’t only happen to men or come exclusively from your mom’s genes. We debunk the biggest misconceptions around hair loss. Matthew Parker wasn’t surprised when he started losing his hair in his early twenties. It was the same for his father, who was almost fully bald by the time Parker was born. Parker […]

Gynecomastia Solutions

Gynecomastia is a surprisingly common condition and affects almost 70% of men at some point in their lives. For sufferers, surgery is the only permanent treatment. However, a company based in Scotland are using their experiences to provide an alternative for those with mild to moderate gynecomastia by offering high-quality compression garments. Liam from Gynecomastia […]

The Lowdown on Ear Pinning

According to figures produced by the NHS, around 1% of people in the UK feel their ears are too big or they stick out too much. In many cases, having prominent ears especially in childhood can mean being the subject of jokes and unwanted comments. Why do some people have more prominent ears than others?Quite […]

Why Do Some Men Have More Breast Tissue Than Others?

Men who have excessive breast tissue are often the butt of jokey comments about ‘man boobs’ but for those who are affected by this it is not a laughing matter. It can help to know what exactly is behind the condition of gynecomastia and why some are affected but not others. There can be several […]